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Who am I?

Hi Everyone! My name is Sarah, I am a French professional figure skater doing ice shows around the world and a lifestyle/travel journalist! In my blog you’ll find all about me and my passions, fashion, the discovery of new places, culture, sport and health advice as well as all about the go to cities and places you should see! I am gonna bring you travelling with me!

Newest Blog!

Here, you can find my newest blog that I’ve written just for you to enjoy! I post blogs all the time so make sure you check back to see all the new ones!

International yoga day :

International yoga day :

Monday, June 21 is International Yoga Day, an opportunity for us to look back at the origins of this practice t and has brightened the daily lives of many people. Yoga is the hype and trendy discipline of our decade. At home, in the studio, new practitioners have...

Viticulture : Une cave au trésors dans le domaine du Maitre de Poste

Viticulture : Une cave au trésors dans le domaine du Maitre de Poste

Aujourd’hui, nous nous rendons en Bourgogne, à Saint-Bris-le-Vineux. Dans la région surnommée le paradis du vin, nous allons à la rencontre de Romain, propriétaire du domaine et de la cave du Maître de Poste. Découverte d’un lieu riche en histoire et du métier de viticulteur et brasseur et Jamais sans Mes Patins ! La viticulture […]

Les secrets de la rose

Les secrets de la rose

Depuis des générations, les roses rouges ont conquis les esprits et les cœurs des amoureux du monde entier. Mais connaissez-vous ses secrets ?  Je visite aujourd'hui le magasin de Claude "jamais sans mes patins" ! 🙂 La rose est sans aucun doute la fleur...

Look Book : Le look preppy ou comment l’adopter

Look Book : Le look preppy ou comment l’adopter

Pour cette deuxième période de confinement, et pour votre plaisir, je vous propose chaque semaine de remettre à jour vos look book de saisons ! Trois mots résument aujourd'hui le style preppy: Classique, collégiale et élégant. Même si les tenues semblent simples, il y...

Travel History

A few statistics on just how many places I’ve seen in my life! I testimonial to how amazing my lists of best places to travel to will be!




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Sarah's Top 10 Places to Visit!

1. Argentina: Discover al about the country of Tango, love and Passion, Evita and her pink house in Buenos Aires!

2. Thailand: The beautiful and good messy Bangkok and her Island, everything to make you feel free and amaze!

3. Singapore: Or more like SingaRich! Where you litteraly bounce into the most clean and futuristic city in the World!

4. Japan: The calm, peaceful and respectful Japan can transform your life vision into another level!

5. Australia: The kangaroo country where you can surf and learn to chill in your life!

6. New Zealand: Find your way into the hobbit country with her wonderful and unlimitated  green lands!

7. Canada: Nothing better than the Canadian maple syrup, poutine and hospitality where kindness, trust and generosity is on the deepest level!

8. Tcheque Republic: Absolutely go see Prague and the capital of crystal, fairytale, where history is at every corner as well as one of the most beautiful library in the world that inspire beauty and the beast one!

9. China: The mural, the temple, the lifestyle, everything is worth to see in China if you want a cultural change!

10. Philipines: This is a bath of happiness, sun, smile and party!

Travel Gallery

Just a few of my favourite photos from around the world! See more in my blog posts!